Access Your Yahoo Mail Account With Your Email Program Using IMAP

Utilize your ordinary email program — Gmail, Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird, for instance — or an application on your cell phone to get and send messages with your Yahoo Mail address notwithstanding getting to the record on the web utilizing a program. The IMAP settings guarantee that you can get to mail in the entirety of your Yahoo organizers in both email program and program. You’ll additionally need to arrange SMTP settings to send letters utilizing your record.


The Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) administers the receipt and review of messages; Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) oversees the sending of outbound messages. At the point when you design IMAP, you’ll likewise consistently need to arrange SMTP.

Yippee Mail additionally underpins Post Office Protocol (POP). POP is a more established email standard that administers the receipt of messages. You’ll definitely need to abstain from utilizing POP — the convention, by configuration, recovers a message from the server, at that point erases it from the server, so it’s accessible just on the gadget onto which it was downloaded. IMAP, conversely, matches up messages with the server, so on the off chance that you utilize three gadgets to associate with your Yahoo Mail account, every one of the three will see something very similar.

Hurray Mail IMAP Settings and Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings

To get to Yahoo Mail flawlessly in an email program, open the program’s new-account wizard and enter these settings:

  1. Yippee Mail IMAP server:
  2. IMAP port: 993
  3. IMAP TLS/SSL: yes
  4. IMAP client name: Your full Yahoo Mail address
  5. IMAP secret key: Your Yahoo Mail secret key or application secret word
  6. Yippee Mail SMTP server:
  7. SMTP port: 465 (attempt 587 as another option)
  8. SMTP TLS/SSL: yes
  9. SMTP username: Your total Yahoo Mail address
  10. SMTP secret word: Your Yahoo Mail secret phrase

Hurray Mail App Passwords

Hurray Mail bolsters application passwords; these single-use passwords permit a particular program to get to your Yahoo Mail account, without requiring the utilization of your record secret word, in the event that you’ve set up two-factor verification.

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